Elegant but Robust – APOLLO on-grid String Inverters

Posted at: 10/01/2021 author:admin views:11

To maximize your energy harvest, APOLLO is committed to providing customers with high-efficiency PV inverters. Featured with compact and contemporary design, high overload capacity and conversion efficiency, APOLLO PV inverters enable intelligent connection and monitoring, operating cost reduction, as well as more power generation benefit.

Apollo on-grid String Inverters ranging 2 – 30KW are with the following strengths

The efforts put onto product quality and relevant services drive us to be certified with CE, VDE 4105 (Germany), VDE 0126, EN 50438 (Netherlands), CEI0-21 (Italy), AS 4777.3 (Australia), IEC 62116, 61727, 61683, 60068 (India), ABNT NBR 16149:2013 ABNT NBR 16150:2013, ABNT NBR IEC 62116: 2012 (Brazil), NB/T32004 2018 (China) and IEEE1547.

APOLLO PV inverters have been widely exported to overseas markets and enjoyed a high reputation amongst customers and industry. Overseas customers mainly include Brazil and Argentina in South America, Germany and Poland in Europe, Nigeria and Kenya in Africa, and Mexico in North America.

APOLLO is always in the pursuit of technological innovations and conducting itself as one of the leading power supply manufacturers in Taiwan. Based on our prominent R&D team and high-quality products with reliable performance, we have been titled by State General Administration as “Product Exemption from Quality Surveillance Inspection”, and won many above 250 MW PV projects.